Odyssey - 20th October 2001


The legend of "ODYSSEY" is a story of truly International chart topping super star status. The string of hits is endless, from "Native New Yorker," through "Don't tell me tell her," and "If you're looking for a way out," to the classics "Going back to my Roots," and "Inside out", Odyssey have become a household name.

Not only have they topped the pop charts in the UK, USA and every territory in Europe, but they also reach to the hot slots of the charts in the Middle and Far East.

This is not the story of a long strain for acclaim, but a great wave of universal success and the story doesn't stop there. Odyssey today Lillian A Lopez-Collazo and her male counterpart Steve Coolazo, have for years brought hope, love, and pleasure to their many audiences throughout the world.

All of this began for Lillian in connecticut with the family musical conversions of the Lopez sisters. Lilian's musical influences were many - Latin, Jazz, Pop, Rhythm and Blues, as well as those long admired Broadway tunes.

Entering the billboard and cashbox charts before the Soul, Club and Disco charts, Odyssey demonstrated how much of a mainstream crossover group they actually are. Beautifully crafted catchy pop songs are what distinguishes them from their cult contemporaries.


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